Ross Kenneth Urken

Belletrist, Journalist

A Selection of Pieces

My Divorced Parents’ Remarriage to Each Other (The New York Times)

1, Love (The Paris Review)

On Meeting My Wife On The Hampton Jitney (The Paris Review)

The Origin of My Jamaican Accent (Tablet)

Notes from the Pirelli Calendar Gala in Rio (New York)

The Baldness of My Bosom (The Atlantic)

I Found My Thrill (The Paris Review)

64 Minutes with Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed (New York)

Project Angel Raid (The Paris Review)

A Film for One Africa (The Wall Street Journal)

Tennis in Tobacco Country (TENNIS Magazine)

A Deeply Strange New Year’s Eve With Dave Chappelle (The New Republic)

Eat the Fish, Bitch (VICE)

I Visited a Chickasaw Healer (The Atlantic)

Field of Dreams (The Paris Review)